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How To Buy?

Each year hundreds of NJ families and business owners choose Shade One Awnings for their awning project. On this page we outline the steps involved in purchasing a retractable awning for your New Jersey home. Click here to learn more. >>More

How Much?

How much is an installed motorized retractable awning in NJ? Click here to find out prices on a variety of different retractable awning models. Shade One Awnings represents multiple brands and is New Jersey's leading source for all retractable awning products. >>More

Shade One Awnings is the authorized SunSetter retractable awning dealer and installer for all of Central New Jersey, South Jersey. If you are considering a retractable awning for your deck or patio, please call us today! Click to visit our SunSetter page. >>Gallery

Awning Replacement

Our service department can replace any existing retractable awning system that was previously sold from any company. Unfortunately, we do not service or recover existing retractable awnings but we can provide a price for total replacement. >>More

Awning Installation

Shade One is New Jersey's leading awning installation contractor. We are professional retractable awning installers for hire. Often called upon by other awning companies, builders and homeowners. Click here for information and pricing or call now. >>More

That's me, Don Franks, with another happy SunSetter customer. I am the owner of Shade One Awnings and the author of this website. We have been in business since 2002 and are located on Route 37 in Toms River New Jersey. Click here for location info. >>More

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About our NJ Retractable Awning Products and Services

Listed above are brief descriptions of the retractable awning services we offer in New Jersey. You can find much more in-depth information about retractable awnings by clicking the links to the pages. This homepage serves as an introduction to our services and a place for company news, new product information and special promotions offered only to internet users. Shade One Awnings is the exclusive, authorized SunSetter dealer for all of Central New Jersey and South Jersey. Selling and installing SunSetter retractable awnings in NJ is easily our most popular service and is what keeps us busy every day. SunSetter retractable awnings are the best selling awnings in the USA. There is a SunSetter retractable awning installed on over 700,000 US homes. SunSetter awnings are made in the USA and have been proven on the Jersey Shore for decades. Each year hundreds of families choose Shade One Awnings and SunSetter for their deck or patio shade in NJ. Call now to get referrals in your zip code. (732) 500-0876

Our History of Retractable Awnings in New Jersey

Hello, my name is Donald Franks. I am the owner of Shade One Awnings and the author of this website. In 2002, I started Shade One Awnings. I had one pick-up truck and my grandmother’s basement. Seriously, that first year we stored the retractable awnings in her basement. When we needed to take an awning out or put one in, we had to remove the small basement window completely and carefully pass the awnings through the window opening into the driveway. The following year I rented some commercial space and made my grandma very happy. For the next four years I subcontracted every retractable awning installation I could find from dealers and contractors all over New Jersey and New York City. It was during those years and after many installations that I established myself as an expert with retractable awnings. 

Shade One Awnings in Pier Village Long Branch, NJ

It was also during those early years at Shade One Awnings that a growing number of NJ homeowners were hiring me to install a new DIY retractable awning kit from SunSetter. I was installing one almost every day. The famous SunSetter TV infomercial was pushing sales and homeowners were loving the product. Sunsetter had been selling awning kits for many years but this was a different design. This was a motorized awning and it was free standing without any side legs. As an installer, a few things jumped out at me right away. First, the awning was packaged extremely well for shipment. Next, the awning was heavy and built like a Sherman tank. I knew from my extensive installation work that the awning was quality. They used the best, Somfy brand motors and a thick, laminated fabric canopy that was 100% water proof. At the time, SunSetter did not have authorized dealers but I started calling them anyway to establish a relationship. I made sure SunSetter knew who I was and that I was providing support to their customers by providing professional retractable awning installations all over NJ.

In 2006, after receiving positive feedback from customers that hired us for installations, SunSetter invited us to be one of their first authorized dealers in New Jersey. It was an incredible opportunity and challenge to maintain the corporate standards of a national brand. I only hired people that I knew were experts with motorized shade systems. Two of the employees from our first year with SunSetter are still employed with Shade One Awnings today; Matt in sales and Terry in Installations. My greatest business achievement is the preservation of these relationships after so many years. Today, SunSetter has a nationwide network of dealers and is the number one, best selling awnings in America with more than half of the market share. Shade One Awnings has also grown along with SunSetter and we are categorized as a high-volume dealer. We now have a fleet of trucks, a proper above-ground facility and many happy customers sitting under our SunSetter awnings all over New Jersey.

Shade One Awnings NJ serves all of Central and South Jersey from our Toms River location.

Shade One Awnings NJ Showroom Hours

Shade One Awnings NJ

1545 Route 37 Unit 12

Toms River, NJ 08755

(732) 500-0876

Monday-Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-2

Stop in for a demonstration on a SunSetter Motorized Pro model retractable awning. For a free estimate, please call and schedule an appointment with a sales representative.

Shade One Awnings NJ News for 2022

- HomeAdvisor Partnership. HomeAdvisor is the best website for finding professional contractors. To be considered, you must be established with verified homeowner reviews. HomeAdvisor performed a multi-day legal and financial background check on our company. All of our licenses and insurances were confirmed. They also called the three trade references and three customer references we gave them. It was a thorough screening and we are proud to wear this badge on our home page. Thank you Home Advisor!

- BBB Accreditation. Shade One Awnings has been registered with the BBB since 2008. Shorty after, we earned an A+ rating. We have been able to maintain that A+ rating for over 10 years. The BBB informed us we qualified for Accreditation and invited us to apply. To be approved, we had to complete an investigation into all of our business practices and advertising. Shade One Awnings has been accepted into this elite group of New Jersey businesses and is officially BBB Accredited A+. Thank you again Trenton, NJ BBB office.

Awnings, NJ

NEW! NJ SunSetter Retractable Awning Models

Shade One Awnings is excited to offer the Platinum Plus awning to retractable awning customers on the New Jersey Shore. Our Platinum Plus models are state of the art cassette awnings. What is a cassette awning? A cassette retractable awning completely encapsulates the roll of fabric within an aluminum cover when the awning is in the closed position. For our awning customers on the Jersey Shore in places like Monmouth County, Ocean County. Atlantic County and Cape May, this retractable awning model will be the perfect fit for your installation. You will have complete protection for the fabric roll during the off-season. There is never a need for any kind of awning cover when not in use. The awning fabric will be concealed inside the frame leaving a seamless, sleek finish to the entire awning installation. For our New Jersey shore awning customers, this model will lock out any salt, rain, wind and snow from your retractable awning.

The Platinum Plus model only uses Sunbrella brand performance fabrics. Sunbrella woven acrylic fabrics are the standard for the awning and marine industry. Sunbrella also sets the trends for the awning market with upscale designs and modern colors. You will find the perfect color awning fabric to compliment your home’s décor from our selection from Sunbrella. Engineered to last they are water repellant, mold, mildew, fade resistant and high in UPF protection from UV rays. The Platinum Plus retractable awning model from SunSetter comes with a 10 year warranty on the Sunbrella fabric.

The new SunSetter Platinum Plus models operate and install very similar to their standard SunSetter motorized and motorized XL counterparts. They project out either 10’2” or 11’8” for the XL. The awnings operate in an identical manner to the standard retractable awnings we have sold throughout NJ for years. The lateral arms open horizontally under the awning with the push of a button from the wireless remote control. Many of the components between the standard models and the platinum plus models are shared. All of the SunSetter retractable awning accessories are also compatible with Platinum Plus model. The main difference is the integrated hood cover which curves around the back of the retractable awning to completely protect the fabric roll. This completely protects the fabric regardless of the installation type; roof, wall or soffit.

All NJ homeowners can also benefit from a cassette retractable awning. Winter in New Jersey can bring heavy snow and winds. Spring weather can bring heavy rain for weeks. Even if your awning is not in a coastal environment, the Platinum Plus from SunSetter will give you peace of mind that your investment will be protected. If you are planning to mount your awning to the roof or the soffit of your home (roof mounted retractable awnings account for half of all installation types), this awning model would best suit you. Previous retractable awning designs left the rear of the awning vulnerable. The top of the awning can easily be covered on most wall mounted retractable awnings with a standard hood but that design leaves the rear of the fabric open to the elements when installed on a roof or soffit. The cassette model retractable awning universally covers all installation types by completely encapsulating the entire awning fabric roll in aluminum. There are specific mounting brackets associated with each installation type; wall, roof or soffit. These brackets will anchor the awning to the frame of the structure. If you are shopping for retractable awnings in NJ and are unsure which installation type is for you, call Shade One Awnings to schedule a free estimate. We will guide you towards the proper installation method to get the best performance from your new retractable awning.

Notable NJ Awning News 

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Philadelphia Home Show

Major League Baseball star Mike Trout in the Shade One Awnings booth talking retractable awnings for the NJ Shore!

Shade One Awnings NJ Youth Baseball Team

Good luck players in the 2022 season from Shade One Awnings of Toms River, NJ.


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Don, I just wanted to let you know I love my new awnings and the lights. I am reading a book under my awning now.

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