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Retractable Awnings NJ

Retractable Window Awnings

In the awning business these are called Drop Arm Awnings. They come in smaller sizes to fit a single window or much larger sizes to cover a porch or entire store front. These awnings are an excellent choice for our Jersey Shore clients as they are very low maintenance and are storm proof. In the off-season or a high wind event, they can simply by retracted against the wall. The hanging valance can also be removed for additional protection. Click below for more information on retractable and non-retractable window awnings.

Retractable Drop Screens

We sell both semi-custom and fully custom drop screen systems to fit any budget or application. These screens are widely used for residential and commercial solar and insect control. They can also create a barrier against wind or for privacy. There are many power options including solar powered screens that require no electrical wiring. They can also be hardwired traditionally or even manually operated. These can be used over windows, large patio openings or to create a custom screen enclosure. Click the button below for more information and pictures on retractable power screens.

SunSetter Retractable Awnings

SunSetter is the undisputed leader in the retractable awning market. SunSetter is the #1 selling awning in America and installed on over 650,000 homes. As a nationwide corporation, SunSetter holds their dealers to a strict code of professionalism and technical expertise. Be assured you are dealing with a professional awning company when purchasing a SunSetter awning through an authorized dealer. Should you ever need support , Shade One Awnings is open from 9AM-5PM and SunSetter has a 24/7 toll free number staffed by agents based in the USA. Click the button below for details on the SunSetter models offered by Shade One Awnings.

Custom Retractable Awnings

We also sell custom retractable awnings from several different vendors including Futureguard Inc. and Alutex Awning Systems. These fully custom awnings have many more options for size and colors than the semi-custom SunSetter awnings. Many of the Futureguard models come with lifetime frame warranties and are paired with Sunbrella brand fabrics. Sunbrella is widely considered the leader in the outdoor fabric market. Click the button below to see the many different custom retractable awning models offered by Shade One.

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Shade One Awnings sells a full line of commercial grade retractable awnings from several manufacturers. These awnings are heavier, project out further and come partially or fully cassetted. A cassetted awning has an aluminum shroud around the roll of fabric that further protects the fabric roll when the awning is not in use. We can apply graphics and text to any awning fabric to match your business. We are also dealers of the largest retractable awnings sold in North America with projections of up to 20'. Click the button below to see the full line of commercial retractable awnings we sell and install.

Retractable Awning Accessories

There are many accessories available for your new retractable awning including side panels, wind sensors, winter covers, LED lights and more... Most of these awning accessories are compatible across different brands. We can install them to your existing retractable awning regardless of where it was originally purchased. Click the button below for a complete line of the accessories we sell at Shade One Awnings.

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