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How much does an installed retractable awning cost in NJ?

First, What kind of Retractable Awning, Semi-Custom or Fully-Custom?

We sell many different retractable awning models and brands but we will always try to steer you towards our semi-custom, SunSetter awnings. The number one reason is value. SunSetter uses the same high quality components as our other, more expensive brands but in much higher volume. SunSetter mass produces their awnings in standard sizes and only the most popular colors. This keeps the buying process very efficient and their prices very low. There is no loss in quality with a SunSetter awning, only less options for sizes and colors. Here you will find prices on both our custom and semi-custom motorized awnings...

The SunSetter Motorized $3,000 to $6,000

This is our most popular model. This awning projects out 10'2" and can go from 8' to 20' along the wall. The average price on this awning is between $3,000 and $6,000 installed. However, motorized awnings on the smaller side and manually operated units can come in much less. There are many options that make up the price on a complete retractable awning project but we still want to give you a ball park price here. If you want to get an exact quote, call now to schedule a free-estimate!

The SunSetter Motorized XL $4,000 to $7,500

The Motorized XL awning is identical to the Motorized model but projects out from the house 11'8". Depending on installation type and options, this awning has an average price tag of $4,000 to $7,500 installed. The XL model starts at 14' and goes up to 20' along the wall. So, the largest SunSetter awning is 20' x 11'8" and with all of the accessories like LED lights, roof mount brackets and an aluminum hood can cost up to $7,500. However, most awnings can be mounted on a wall, do not require the roof brackets or costly accessories and end up costing much less.

Custom Retractable Awnings $4,500 to $6,500

If the SunSetter standard sizes will not work for you, no worries. We sell a full line of fully custom retractable awnings from several major manufacturers that are sold in 1" increments. Our custom, residential retractable awnings are sold up to 39' long and project out up to 14'6". Prices range between $4,500 and $6,500. Because we are a high volume retractable awning shop, our custom awning prices will still be $1,000 less than our competitors or more. Most of our competitors prices come between 5 and 10k for a standard residential retractable awning. As a SunSetter dealer, we know we can get you into a retractable awning for much less without losing any quality. For more detailed information on all of our custom products, jump to the page Everything Retractable.

Commercial Grade Retractable Awnings $4,000 to $10,000

We also sell a full line of commercial grade retractable awnings that open up to 14'6". The prices on the heavier, commercial awnings costs between $4,000 and $8,000 per unit. And if that is still not large enough, we are authorized dealers of the largest retractable awnings sold in North America with projections of 16', 18' and 20' out. Prices average up to $10,000 per unit installed.

Price Examples From Our 2021 Portfolio

12' x 10'2" SunSetter Motorized with Hood, Installed Price: $4,200.00

13' x 10'2" SunSetter with LED Lights and Aluminum Hood: $4,900.00

16' x 11'8" SunSetter Motorized XL Roof Mount with Hood: $5,400.00

with SunSetter woven acrylic 5 year fabric

20' x 11'8" Motorized XL Wall Mount with LED Lights and Hood: $5,900.00

with SunSetter Woven Acrylic 5 year Fabric 

23' x 13' Custom Sunbrella Retractable with 3 Arms and No Hood: $7,100.00 

22' x 13'2" Roof Mount with 3 Arms and Electrical Hardwire: $8,700.00

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