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Shade One Awnings Buying Frequently Asked Questions

1. I see retractable awnings on the internet for much, much less than the ones sold by awning companies. Why?

Three main reasons… The awnings sold on the internet are made mostly from (1) painted steel (2) inferior fabrics that will fade quickly and (3) cheap Chinese motors. The steel components and steel hardware of the frame will begin to rust after just one season. The fabric will also noticeably fade after just one season in the sun. Many times the motors do not work right out of the box or the cheap transmitters and electronics fail quickly. 

Awnings sold by your local awning shops are made mostly from powder coated aluminum and stainless steel which will not rust. Awning shops use acrylic fabrics designed specifically for the awning and marine markets. These fabrics will remain weatherproof, are mildew resistant and hold their color for up to 20 years. Better awning companies insist on Somfy brand motors for all retractable awning products. Shade One Awnings only uses Somfy as they are the clear market leader. These motors can also last up to 20 years.

Beware of local companies that advertise themselves as “warehouse” or “manufacturer” awning companies. They provide low cost awnings that often fail very quickly for the reasons listed above. Many times Shade One Awnings is the company that is called on to fix or replace these lesser models.

2. Why are your prices lower than the other awning companies?

Because we are a full time, high volume retractable awning shop. Other companies in the local awning market are focused on custom, commercial awnings that take an incredible amount of resources to design, build and install. They also offer retractable awnings from regional manufacturers in their product line. These smaller, regional manufacturers often come with high price tags and long delivery times.

At Shade One Awnings, we are the exclusive SunSetter dealer for a large territory on the Jersey Shore. It is from Monmouth County to Cape May County. This high volume combined with our focused product line allows us to install the most competitively priced awnings in the state. SunSetter is the #1 awning manufacturer in the USA and is installed on over 750,000 homes as of 2020. SunSetter’s modern approach and massive scale keeps the prices very low and the buying process efficient. We can deliver and install a retractable awning in 10-14 days, guaranteed.

3. If I buy my SunSetter or other brand awning somewhere else, will you install it?

Yes, but please let us bid the complete project - awning and installation. As an authorized NJ dealer, we are able to sell the products at even lower prices than the internet. There is no sales tax when purchasing the awning in NJ. 

4. What are the benefits of buying directly through Shade One Awnings?

If you buy from us we include our Lifetime Installation Warranty. This insures the awning will be secured to the frame of the structure and will not pull out. Most Importantly, Shade One Awnings does not charge for service calls to our customers in the first year of purchase. If the awning should need some adjustment or service, there is absolutely no charge to the customer in the first year. This excludes all weather and storm related damage. 

5. How much can I save buying through Shade One Awnings?

Most times the savings are $1,000.00 or more compared to local awning shops that use regional manufacturers for their retractable awning products. These regional manufacturers often come with long delivery times and high prices. For retractable awning projects with commercial grade frames and oversize projects, the savings can be multiple thousands over our competition.

6. What is your service area?

We serve all of Central and South Jersey.

7. How long have you been in business?

The summer of 2020 will be 18 years. Thank you to all of the homeowners that helped us grow so much!

8. Why haven’t I called you yet?

Call me right now… (732) 500-0876 or email me after hours…

-Donald Franks

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