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SunSetter retractable awning Dealer NJ, awnings nj

Thank you for visiting Shade One Awnings online. We are your local, authorized SunSetter dealer and installer. SunSetter is the recognized leader for deck and patio awnings at this time. They are the only national, retractable awning brand. SunSetter is the #1 best selling awning every year by providing the highest quality products at the most economical prices with the best customer service. Their 1-800 number provides 24/7 customer support and is staffed by knowledgeable operators based in the USA. SunSetter keeps costs down by manufacturing on a large scale and acquiring the highest quality components at volume prices like Somfy brand motors. Dealers are also held to a strict, corporate standard for customer service and technical expertise, ensuring your awning project will be sold correctly and completed quickly and competently.

SunSetter retractable awnings are made in the USA in Malden, Massachusetts and make an excellent choice for a hot deck or sunny patio. They are mass produced in standard sizes and colors which keeps their manufacturing process efficient and prices very low. Major components of the awnings like fabric, motors and hardware are interchangeable between the different models and sizes within the SunSetter brand. This modern strategy is unique to SunSetter and has made motorized retractable awnings truly affordable for every homeowner. If you are shopping for SunSetter retractable awnings in Ocean County, Monmouth County, Atlantic County and the surrounding area, please call to schedule a free estimate. We are your authorized SunSetter dealer and installer. Let us create your shaded sanctuary for much less than you think. Call now (732) 500-0876.

Retractable Awning Gallery

Thank you for looking at our most recent SunSetter retractable awnings gallery. My goal is to post all 30 SunSetter woven Acrylic fabric choices and many different types of installations and exteriors. If you are looking for more pictures, click the Facebook link below where we have 60+ more retractable awning jobs posted. All were sold and installed by Shade One Awnings throughout all of New Jersey. If you are shopping for a new retractable awning, please call us for a free estimate 7 days a week.

Shade One Awnings Windy Location Kit for the Jersey Shore

Pictured below is the Shade One Awnings windy location kit for Jersey Shore retractable awning installations. These poles install onto your lateral arm retractable awning and transform it into a fixed canopy in seconds. There is a cleat that screws into your wooden deck or concrete patio. The poles then simply twist lock into the ground cleat (no bending over required) and then the top of the pole clips into the awning front bar. The poles are enameled to match the SunSetter stock frame color and mate perfectly to the SunSetter front bar. We include this option with every estimate we give in windy locations on the Jersey Shore, especially the barrier islands and inlets along Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island. The Shade One SunSetter Assist kit will let you enjoy your SunSetter retractable awning with more confidence in coastal environments. This kit is sold and installed exclusively through Shade One Awnings and is not available any where else SunSetter awnings are sold. Call today if you have any questions or need a free estimate. (732) 500-0876

New Jersey SunSetter Retractable Awning Side Panel, Pro Model and EasyShades

Below are a few videos from our Youtube channel. The side panel video on the left is a rare look at the side panel in the open and closed position. The video shows the side panel being retracted and opened while the side panel is still attached. This is our second SunSeter side panel video after getting an overwhelming response from the original which received over two thousand views in the short time it has been live. We tried to address all questions about side panels with this video including installation of our exclusive pull-up kit that makes putting up and taking down the side panel much easier than the stock SunSetter method.

The remaining two videos are of the SunSetter Pro model and the SunSetter Easyshades. The Pro model video in the middle shows a standard part retractable awnings with an integrated panel that drops from the front. The panel can be lowered to any height and is used for decks and patios that have western exposure with the setting sun. The front drops are also used for locations with privacy issues such as the application shown here. The last video on the right are manually operated SunSetter Easyshades. These also come with electric motors or solar powered motors which require no wiring, an excellent choice for second floor windows or where there is no existing electrical outlet. These solar shades reduce sun from hitting the glass by 90%.

Custom Retractable Awnings​

We also sell custom retractable awnings that are sold in one quarter inch increments and can be paired with hundreds of frame and fabric choices. To learn more about our complete line of retractable awnings from other manufacturers click here>>

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